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Reading OpenStreetMap Big Data with D - Part 1
OpenStreetMap is described to be a mapping wiki providing all with the ability to modify the world around them. The map data can be obtained in many formats for which I will be talking about the PBF format.

Update: I've used the term "Big Data" here as it is data which exceeds household memory. In retrospect this was a poor choice as I have butchered a term many are using to describe data which exceeds storage capacities of DBMS. OSM data is not reaching that level.

I decided to play around with these data files in the D programming language. I can't say this will end up going anywhere, but some of the information I have could be applicable to other OSM data users or D programmers. To pass on this information I'm going to attempt to blog about my progress. Hopefully I'll make this a habit for my other experiments.

For now this is just my intro though I have the code which has prompted this message already available:


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