he_the_great (he_the_great) wrote,

Parsing CSV Files that exceed Available Memory

It is not to unusual to read very large files and D does have a few options one is std.stdio.File. But using std.csv requires a input range of dchar which isn't available in the standard library (that I know of) for files.

I'd done some previous work in providing a file as range in my OpenStreetMap project. I had to make a few modifications so that it would provide an input range of dchar. While I tried to make it able to read files encode in UTF-8, UTF-16, or UTF-32, my plans were not completed since FileRange would need to read multiple bytes for those not UTF-8.

If someone is more interested then it should be possible to remove the cast on line 70 and make a conditional which correctly builds the character size desired before returning it.
Tags: dlang

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