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Lots about Linux

I've made some additions to my website. I have a new section for predictions, such as Future: Linux Gaming. I've also added to my beliefs section, articles like, Linux Flaws. And with those I would like to add a minor thought.

The the increasing adoption of Linux, it will be easier to get a system running with it. But I thing about Linux is that there are so many approaches to doing any one task, naming package management. And this is one deterrent for developing for Linux. I have a feeling though that there really well be very few supported Linux distributions. And they will namely be the owners of package management systems, Debian (deb) and RedHat (rpm). Or at least that should be the supported distros, They are the creators and should be the ones to get the support (at least I don't think Novel did rpm). If this happens I see it as a good thing, people should be able to do their own thing, but knowing that they aren't likely to get followers with out support for the majors.

I've also rearranged my information on TagFS and have polled out the concept of just a Hierarchy of Tags.


An interesting find. I operating system that runs from the browser. http://www.eyeos.org/ I can't say how good it is yet, but I think it would be cool if it combined the other web apps (writely, google excel) as part of it, it might make a good central point for web applications.